Best Children Mobile Trackers For Free

For parents, their children’s security matters the most, in extraordinary cases even more than own one. That is why many parents recourse to more drastic measures such as tracking of their child’s location through specially designed mobile apps. Given the permanent need of parents to always be aware of where one’s  kid is and whether he or she is alright, developers have been releasing more and more mobile tracking apps also Hoverwatch. Some of them we will discuss below.

Even though there is a variety of ways one may spy on children, the most reasonable one is tracking the location. Why so? Because children should also have some personal place in their lives such as social networks or private messages with friends. Parents must understand where the border of their interest and personal life of their  kid is and try not to cross it. Otherwise, trust gets disrupted and consequences may be quite bad.

Tracking Children At No Cost

First and foremost, if you want to check the geolocation of your kid and both of you have an iPhone, you may use the feature Find My Phone. It is simple in setting and using. What you need to do is just switch on the feature, and share the location of one phone to the other. As simple as that and mutually beneficial. When it comes to other free mobile trackers, below are best of them:

  • GEO-Tracker: this app is able to record the location of the phone even offline and save it so that you have access to the whole trajectory of child’s movement. Moreover,  it can calculate your average speed, maximum and minimum altitudes, vertical distance, ascent and varying speeds;
  • My Family GPS Tracker: you can understand everything from the name. With kid mode one you may not only track the child’s location but also share it with other members of the family;
  • Glympse: this one has to be installed on both phones and then by means of sharing the location with each other, parents may get access to the child’s location. It requires a bit more trustful relationship between children and parents;
  • Tracker GPS Mobile: offers you real-time updated features that can update you with the location of the phone and thus your  kid carrying the phone with him or her;
  • Cell Phone Tracker: once you have installed the app for free, you can find out how far away your children are, or even where they are.

That is how, there is a variety of free tracking apps and services allowing to see the location of kids and thus have a bit more relaxed life. Since parents can sometimes become extra worried about children, their safety and well-being, such apps can largely facilitate the parenting struggle while also guarantee higher levels of security for children both physical and mental. Among such apps available at absolutely no cost are GEO-Tracker, Glympse and Tracker GPS Mobile.

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