Tracking Tips For Android, Tablet And Smartwatch

Parents are our closest relatives and the ones who will always worry about our well-being and safety. If you are already a parent, you perfectly know that feeling of anxiety and helplessness when your child is going somewhere and then does not instantly pick up a phone or reply to your message. In case you are not a parent yet but have been brought up by yours, you should remember these situations too. One of the things which may significantly facilitate life of both parents and children is a device tracking service or app.

First of all, with everyone owning a mobile phone and often some other kind of device like tablet, smartwatch or a laptop, it became easier to reach people through them instantaneously. For parents it is also a nice way to know where their children are and whether they are not endangered. To be able to install the tracking features or activate them, any device should have a GPS function. Below you will get more practical tips on how to do it for Android, tablet and even smartwatch.

How To Track On Various Devices?

If your child has an iPhone, then you may easily track him or her through Find a Phone feature. This feature requires you to connect two iPhones so that you can see the location of the other one on your phone. For other devices like Android phones and tablets, the basic functioning principle is quite the same though with several differences.

Here are our practical pieces of advice on how to track your kid on different gadgets:

  • Android: one of the most used tracking tools for Android users is Find My Phone, available for free. For the tracking feature to work, the app must be installed on the child’s device you are seeking. Once the app is installed, you have to log into the app’s website. There will be a pin on the map showing the location of a tracked device. The map also features directions to the gadget’s exact location;
  • Tablet: if you have an Apple tablet, iPad, then you should simply open Settings and tap your Apple ID. Then pick your device and select Find My iPad to switch on the feature. Just as for Android phones, for other tablets there is a variety of online services or even apps;
  • Smartwatch: there is a variety of both apps and watches offering a tracking function. Among smartwatches with it already installed are Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3 and HereO V2. If we are talking about apps which have been widely in use by stressed out parents, these include AngelSense available on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers as well as Trax.

All in all, the modern world of technologies and wide variety of gadgets allow us to track children and have a bit more calm and relaxed life. For Android users there are both apps as well as already installed services allowing to track the location of another gadget. For iPads tracking works just the same as with iPhones. When it comes to smartwatches, one should either install and app or choose a device with a feature already in it.

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